If you are a professional in government employ with a promotional appointment or a professional applying for a position in government service, the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) and the Civil Service Commission (CSC) can now verify your professional eligibility in 24 hours, and immediately attest your appointment.

What used to take weeks or months of verification, entailing cumbersome verification of paper documents, and expense in mailing forms and documents now takes a matter of hours only. Now, we have a faster and more economical process that would benefit thousands of promotable government employees and applicants for government positions in the Cordillera Administrative Region. Thanks to the passion for service excellence and innovation of two agencies.

Last February 16, 2010, PRC Baguio Regional Office Director Teofilo Gaius M. Sison, Jr. and CSC Baguio City Field Office Director Adela M. Esteban inked a Memorandum of Agreement implementing the Online Verification of Eligibility System (OVES). The OVES is the first eTransaction facility with website account ( developed by the PRC for faster, reliable and less-paper verification process as part of its 24/7 eService thrust this year.

The OVES was first pilot-tested in the CSC CAR Baguio City Field Office in line with the PRC’s Anti-Red Tape Act (ARTA) Citizen’s Charter which was launched in August 2009 by PRC and CSC CAR officials led by Acting Regional Director Rafael R. Marco.

Dir. Sison and Dir. Marco are now joining hands to replicate the OVES in all CSC field offices in CAR as part of their continuing efforts to serve better the professionals in government in the Cordilleras.

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