1. Professional Identification Card/License (PIC)-Original Copy (for presentation, to be returned) and photocopy.

2. Official Transcript of Records (OTR) - Original Copy (for presentation, to be returned) and photocopy.

3. Verification Request Form from requesting office/agency/regulating body


1. Present original copies of OTR and PIC at counter 2 for assessment.

2. Fill up the SBV/VL form. In indicating Last Name, use the same in your current Professional Identification Card/License.

3. Pay the processing fee (Php 75.00/copy) at the cashier (counter 5).

4. Proceed to the Customer Service Center to pay for one (1) Documentary Stamp, one (1) mailing envelope and mode of delivery. The applicant may choose to avail of any of the available courier services at the Customer Service Center. Courier rates range will vary depending on the country of destination.

5. Submit accomplished SBV/VL form, photo copies of OTR , PIC and Official receipt at Counter 2.

6. Record your transaction in the SBV/VL logbook for follow-up on the status of requested document/s. 

7. Monitor the status of your document via the online list of transmitted SBVs in PRC Baguio's website.