JUNE 2009 NLE Professional Identification Cards/License


To all Nurse Licensure Examination (NLE) June 2009 Baguio Registrants:

Your Professional Identification Cards (PIC) are processed and printed at the PRC Central Office in Manila. The PRC Regional Office in Baguio processes your registration and forwards the same to the PRC Central Office Manila for the encoding in the database of professionals, issuance of registration number, preparation of Board Certificate, and printing of PICs.

Since August 7, 2009, the Baguio Regional Office has been forwarding to PRC Central Office the registration of NLE June 2009 registrants. Your registration papers are transmitted to Manila within five (5) working days upon registration, in batches of 200 registrants.

Once the PICs are printed, PRC Central Office forwards the same to PRC Baguio Regional Office for release to the professional. Once the PICs are received, the Regional Office posts on the website the list of available PICs. As of this date, a partial
LIST OF AVAILABLE PICs have been received by the Regional Office.

The printing of PICs at the Baguio Regional Office is a priority project of the Commission for implementation this year, and the PRC is currently installing the ICT hardware and developing the systems for decentralized PIC printing. Please bear with us.

For training or employment purposes, a certification of registration (in lieu of the PIC) can be secured from PRC Baguio Regional Office.

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