1. Duly accomplished Oath Form and one documentary stamp.
2. Two (2) passport-size colored pictures in white background and complete name tag (first name, middle name & last name).
3. Payment of initial registration fee – Php1,050.00

Additional Requirements for female married registrant with request for Change of Name (CON) and Change of Status (COS) due to marriage:

a. Duly accomplished Petition Form for CON/COS and one documentary stamp.
b. Original copy of Marriage Certificate issued by NSO in security paper.
c. Petition fee- Php225.00

Steps and Procedures:

Step 1
Secure Oath Form from the PACD, fill-out form and submit requirements to Processor at Counter 12 or 13.
Step 2
Registration Officer verifies name of registrant, enters assessment of fees and advises the registrant on the amount to be paid, including COS/CON/CODB fees if applicable.
Step 3
Give payment.
Step 4
Staff indicates the amount received on the Oath form and gives to the Cashier.
Step 5
Cashier receives the Oath form/payment, issues Official Receipt (O.R.) and gives back the form with the O.R. (and change, if any) to the Registration Officer.
Step 6
Registration Officer prints Registry Sheet.
Step 7
Affix three (3) specimen signatures and thumb mark on the Registry Sheet.
Step 8
Claim stub from Registration Officer and change, if any.
Step 9
Check PIC availability HERE
End of Transaction. Thank you!